Thursday, August 16, 2007

EXHIBITION: mittenfists at magic pony

Magic Pony Gallery
694 Queen St West , Toronto ON Canada

Exhibition runs August 2 - 25 2007

Kitten Willows
Kitten Willows by Melinda Josie

Magic Pony presents Mittenfists, a showcase of emerging artists Melinda Josie, Jacob Whibley and Andrew Wilson. With three unique approaches to their work, the show will juxtapose nonobjective and abstract collage work alongside enigmatic landscapes, mythical creatures, darling pugs, and watchful birds.

The show's title, Mittenfists, alludes to the youthful aggression in-which they apply their process, production, enthusiasm and sense of discovery.

Working with paper collage, Jacob Whibley (Team Macho) creates subtle and abstract compositions that vaguely hint at machined and organic forms. Composed with paper ephemera from as far back as the late 1800's, these constructions engage you into deciphering their fragmented colourful messages. Exploring the theme of interstitial spaces; those "between spaces", not outside nor inside existing structures and systems, he envisions what the accumulated detritus, bit rot, colour, and static might look like.

Andrew Wilson's multi-layered resin paintings depict vast mountainous scenes while geometric forms, detached mountains, and abstract factories map their way across the otherworldly sky. It is this imagined terra firma which sets the stage for his drawings of clustered houses, buildings and their fantastical occupants - all imagined from some personal folklore.

Dealing with the more objective, Melinda Josie's detailed paintings and drawings speak to the youthful imagination in all of us. Hers is a world where delicately rendered hedgehogs take afternoon naps in the most exquisitely patterned duvet; while outside of it's towering mushroom house, a Shiba Inu dog eagerly investigates why the local squirrels and sparrows are raising such a commotion amongst the doily laden trees.

From the indefinite to the literal, Mittenfists aims to be a visual splendor.


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