Wednesday, August 15, 2007

CRAFTIVISM: hat pattern request for streetknit



I have a request from a woman who is organizing a sTReeTKnit drive at her place of work.

"Is there any chance you'd have some easy patterns for hats that we could share?"

I, of course, people-wrangle more than I do knit. If any of you fine knitting-knitsters have any easy patterns for hats you might share, I would be most happy to pass them on.

*About Streeknit*
Founded in 2006 by Sadie Lewis in Toronto, Streetknit rouses the knitting communities of u(To)pia, hobbyists, s n' bs, society yarn-darlings , needle-clackers of all ages to put needles together and spend some time knitting some warmth into an extra scarf, maybe some toques with affectionate or somber colours, mitts, blankets, socks, even a sweater and see it reach those without home. These can be dropped off at local yarn-knit shops Knit-O-Matic (1378 Bathurst St.), The Naked Sheep (2144 A Queen St. E.), Sew Be It Studio (2156 Yonge St.) and The Knit Cafe (1050 Queen W.).

Ryan Kamstra


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