Thursday, August 02, 2007

contemporary textile studio co-op membership

I've posted about this before, but was recently sent a notice with greater detail to entice you all to sign up for co-op membership. Consider this a kick in the butt to join in on the fun.

Contemporary Textile Studio Co-op

The Contemporary Textile Studio Co-op's membership waiting list is now open!!!

We are now accepting applications for membership at The Contemporary Textile Studio Co-op.

Full Co-op members:

Full members have 24-7 access to our beautiful, 1100 square foot, equipped Studio at 401 Richmond Street West, as well as opportunities for revenue generation and collaborations with other members and our institutional partners. Members contribute towards the costs of the space and general Studio supplies, and lend their skills and enthusiasm to the direction and development of our unique non-profit artist run co-op.

Studio Associate:

Associate status is one step towards greater involvement in the Studio and potential membership in the co-op. Associates are eligible to rent and will soon also be able to access discounts at selected suppliers and specific Studio sponsored workshops.

Membership Benefits:
  • unlimited, independent access to an 1100 sq./ft. Studio space ñ 24hrs. /day, 7 days/week ñ for personal art and design production
  • unlimited access to all Studio equipment (orientation required) and priority booking for studio use
  • opportunities for revenue generation through workshops, technical support contracts, project development and studio sales
  • access to personal storage space
  • featured listing on Studio website
  • discounts on in-house workshops
  • first access to commission requests
  • affinity discounts at select suppliers

Facilities and Equipment:

  • full length 24 x 5 ft. print table with felts
  • personal and shared shelving
  • vacuum table exposing unit
  • custom screen washout booth with power washer
  • dry work areas
  • light table
  • washer and dryer
  • screen storage and drying racks
  • standard steamer and bullet steamer
  • various hand tools
  • iron and folding ironing boards
  • hand carders
  • information library
  • photocopier

For more information and application package, please contact:

Membership Committee



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