Monday, July 09, 2007

TOAE 2007 highlights

Wanted to share some images & links from this year's amazing Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. Other bloggy coverage of the show can be found here & here.

Top: Amazing fibre work by bookhou's Arounna Khounnoraj website
Bottom: Violent eyelet by Kate Jackson email Kate

Left: Arty Heart by Heather Marchand website
Right: Fantastical vessel by Lindsay Montgomery email Lindsay

Top: Sweet ceramics by Science & Sons website
Bottom: Lovely domestic print by Genvieve Jodouin website

Left: Regal brooch by Suzanne Carlsen website
Right: White squirl guts stuffie by Ugly Bunny/Sarah Jane Reynolds email Sarah Jane

Top: Wooden house earrings by Esther Lam/Lavier Designs website (not currently working) email Esther
Bottom: More animal guts by Ugly Bunny/Sarah Jane Reynolds email Sarah Jane

Left: Playful felted brooch by Keri Rounding website
Right: Committed knitting by Maria Litvin email Maria


Anonymous sweetie pie said...

how stupid am i for not going? quite.

8:09 p.m.  

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