Wednesday, July 18, 2007

badge button pin

Well guess what? The buttons of Toronto's own Sweetie Pie Press have been featured in a neat looking book called Badge Button Pin, published by UK-based boutique Stereohype. Here's a description from their website:

Badges, buttons and pins have been around for over a century. Today they're everywhere: on lapels and bags all over the world and in the sketchbooks and on the screens of some of the hottest graphic designers, artists and illustrators. A badge can be a cheap and easy way to display political or cultural affiliations or it can simply be a fashion accessory. Cheap to produce and easy to make at home, the humble badge is the new T-shirt. A guide to the best and most beautiful badges being produced right now - be they graphic, textual or plain illustrative - this book explores the rich variety of uses of the badge since the year 2000 – whether it be promotion, revenue-raising or simply decorative. It will appeal to graphic designers, illustrators, fashion designers, artists, music lovers and badge enthusiasts of all ages.

Buy it here (& get a Stereohype surprise button badge and assorted postcards with purchase).

Badge Button Pin feat. Sweetie Pie Press


Anonymous Johanna said...

That is super cool!! Congratulations, Becky!!

10:37 a.m.  
Blogger Sweetie Pie said...

thanks guys!

i should also mention another toronto connection - mark laliberte (of carousel magazine) has his 'pop noir' button project profiled in the 'packs' section of the book.

if you haven't seen this project of his, it is pretty amazing - all artist comissions in limited runs and beautiful packaging.

1:21 p.m.  

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