Tuesday, July 03, 2007

ask crafty: cheap floss & adhesive tear-away embroidery stabilizer

Two embroidery related questions for the ask crafty squad (aka anyone reading this). Please comment on this post with your responses:

x hey can anyone tell me where I can find cheap embroidery floss .....either at toronto downtown or online ! - Priyanka

x where in Toronto can you get Adhesive Tear-away Embroidery Stabilizer? I want to embroider on jersey but i'm a newbie and i don't know where to get it. - Haley


Blogger toronto craft alert said...

this from nathalie-roze:

Embroidery Floss/thread
This is available in various colours & shades at most Dollarama stores - often MANY skeins (?) per pack, like 10+, for a dollar. This isn't silk or super-fine quality, but definitely adequate for beginners or less delicate projects (eg. add decorative accents to denim garments, totes, etc.). The Dollarama at Yonge & Charles as well as Dufferin Mall & Shoppers World (Danforth & VP) all carry it...

12:39 p.m.  
Blogger H-Star said...

i found anchor floss for 33 chents each at evil walmart. i don't know what the quality is like but they have a wide colour selection.

1:28 p.m.  
Anonymous l'ammie said...

about the emroidery floss/thread? i went on e-bay and found a bag of thread from france. i paid $1.50 cdn for it. ebay is worth the try.

9:29 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I checked ebay, their shipping charge is alot ! even if the threads are cheap the shipping makes it all expensive :S


3:30 p.m.  
Blogger Miche said...

Embroiderers unite! I've had a real hard time finding reliable, reasonably priced Canadian suppliers (not online) for this stuff. I spent a day traveling around the Tdot and this is what I've found out:

- if you want to buy local/Canadian of name-brand embroidery supplies, your best bet is hitting one of the few sewing machines supply stores in Toronto. They seems to be a catch-all of craftyness these days. I go to one at Bloor & Runnymede that has the full line of DMC. But it's not cheap.

- Floss is cheap at EvilWalmart, you can also get it on sale (or wait for the 40% coupon in their flyers) from Michael's.

- The US version of Lewiscraft apparently is Mary Maxim, which opened a store up at Yonge/Eglinton Centre this winter - their floss is DMC, 45 cents each and they carry all the different stabilizers too. The girls that work there are knowledgeable and super-nice to boot. You can also order anything they don't have in store from their catalog online.

- Fabricland does carry some floss and supplies, depending on which one you hit. I know the one at Yonge & Bloor has the stabilizers, I'm probably going there tomorrow to get some! They also often do the 10 skeins for $1 during their big clearance sales.

I rarely buy floss unless it's on sale, then I stock up. :-)

I'm not a big fan of Dollarama's floss, I find that it twists and knots up too easily. It's kinda coarse too, but if you're just practicing, it'll be fine. I've seen it at the Queen & lansdowne and the College Park Dollarama (which, btw, has the hugest and best crafty section I've ever seen in a Dollarama!)

Oh yeah - and don't bother going to The House of Embroidery and Craft up on the Danforth.... apparently all they do now is seashells...

6:46 p.m.  
Blogger toronto craft alert said...

whoa, way to lay down the low down on floss miche! thanks!

10:09 p.m.  

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