Tuesday, June 12, 2007

nano-forest: little odd forest and more at nanopod


It's official!

nanopod has turned into a Little Odd Forest!

Now featuring adorable lovingly hand-made tree stump wristlets,plushies, felt & acrylic brooches, cherry drop earrings
Up-cycled postcard notebooks, beautiful stone and sterling silverhand-made chain bracelets, glass & sterling cuff links
nanotopian super soft vintage style tshirts, tops, and so much more!

Hand made goodness that cannot be found anywhere else in Toronto, or anywhere else period!

Little Odd Forest
Dandy Brand
Old Westin
Andrew Brudz, Esq
Tomiko Winter
and more surprises!

Come visit nanopod's nanotopia before the forest disappears! :)
nanopod: hybrid studio
322 harbord street
toronto, ontario
647. 219. 0585


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