Monday, May 28, 2007

paper cut at MADE

This show starts tonight at MADE, but the opening is on Thurs. If you've never been to this contemporary Canadian design shop (feat. furniture & other interior design objects) on Dundas West - do go! They put on a great spread at openings, to boot.

Kristiina Lahde Paper Cut @ MADE

Kristiina Lahde Paper Cut

A new installation at MADE
May 29-July 14, 2007
Opening Reception Thurs. May 31, 2007 7-9PM

Paper Cut links everyday commerce to utopian architecture. It is the continuation of a project where artist Kristiina Lahde alters and reworks ordinary bank envelopes.

Dozens of envelopes have been assembled to create a spherical, geodesic form. An intricate pattern of triangles is held in tension to create an object that is reminiscent of the famous building created by Buckminster Fuller for Expo ’67.

Once designed to conceal their contents, these envelopes held the personal and private records of the artists financial history. Kristiina has repositioned them as the architectural building blocks for this new project. Previously she worked with the security patterns printed on the inside of each envelope, making intricate alterations by cutting and folding them.

(Go here for more on this show & maker)

867 Dundas St. West

Toronto, ON M6J 1V6


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