Wednesday, May 23, 2007

be a TCA ambassador

In spreading the word about Toronto Craft Alert, you are supporting local makers, independent businesses & the craft/diy/design community as a whole.

Besides telling all of your friends, family, co-workers & people you pass on the street, you can promote the TCA by adding it to free arts & culture listings, posting about it on message boards that you participate in, profilng the project in student & other local publications, and linking to us on your website***. Feel free to cut & paste from the project profile, available here .

We've joined Facebook (under "Jen Anisef"), so please do add us as a friend. Also, our Facebook group can be found here.

We’d be happy to mail some of our business cards (how profesh!) your way if you’d like to distribute them to customers, friends, colleagues, or craft cohorts. Just email us your address & let us know if a few or a bunch will do.

Of course we are always open to suggestions on how we can get the word out ourselves, so feel free to send along your ideas & tips.

In crafty solidarity,

The TCA Team

***Add the TCA megaphone icon to your site (which links back to ours) using the following code:

<A HREF="">;

<IMG SRC=""></A>


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