Saturday, May 12, 2007

from some wilderness place

Heather_Goodchild_mammals_at Katherin Mulherin

Textile artist Heather Goodchild "explores the true wilderness of nature and the metaphorical wilderness of the fears, worries and challenges of humans" in From Some Wilderness Place, on this month at Katherine Mulherin Gallery on Queen West.

A brief description of the exhibit: "The viewer encounters a hexagon patchwork quilt resembling an abstract rose garden. A herd of animals (small felt sculptures) emerge from beneath the quilt, reminiscent of an exit from Eden, or from Noah's ark. The animals are non-specific Mammals: each is a combination of a deer, a dog, and a hare. As the animals move farther away from the quilt, they alter in form, becoming more twisted, reticent, and more human looking. The herd of animals culminates in a series of dioramas."

For more on this show, go here.


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