Tuesday, May 15, 2007

ask crafty: timetex source, fabric steamers & gold and silver chain

Some new ask crafty questions! Please comment on this post or email us with your advice for Moira, Craig & Krissy.

x Wondering if you can recommend a store in Toronto that sells Timtex. I can't find it anywhere. - Moira

x does anyone know about fabric steamers? everytime i see that "the TOBI" infomercial, i almost get hypnotized into reaching for the phone. But it probably sucks and I'd rather get a good one. Is there anywhere in toronto to buy a good one? - craig

x i'm wondering where all the crafty jewellers who sell their designs are getting their gold-filled and sterling silver chain. has anyone purchased from "john bead" in scarborough? is it much cheaper than a place like arton? is there a canadian shop online someone could recommend? - krissy


Blogger Miche said...

@ Moira - I've only ever seen Timtex at Len's Mills http://www.lensmill.com/ in Cambridge. That was last summer so you might want to call to see if they still carry it.

@ Craig - If you mean a wrinkle remover, I would think your best bet would be to go to your favorite clothing store and ask them for the name brand of their model. The problem with consumer versions is that they don't get the water hot quick enough (ok if you have the patience) and/or they don't KEEP the water consistently hot, which leads to drips on your fabric or hot water running down your arms when you use it. Don't even bother with the "hand-held" versions, they suck.
If by chance you meant a clothes press (kinda looks like this: http://www.singermachines.co.uk/Machines/Singer/singerpress.htm) hit me back as I have one that I was looking to unload on Craiglist at month end.

@ Krissy - I don't have an answer for that one, but I just wanted to say HI!


5:14 p.m.  
Blogger Melissa said...


I got my Timtex at Fabricland (this was in Oakville, but I'm sure they have it elsewhere). Timtex is a specific brand, so it wasn't called that - sorry I forget the name. If you describe it as the stuff they put in baseball cap peaks that may help.

Good luck!

9:48 p.m.  
Blogger toronto craft alert said...

From Nathalie-Roze via email:

Re: steamers, I think the best quality steamers are available at Prager (Adelaide, West of Spadina - near Retail Bag)...a decent one will cost about $150 - $250, and it's key to use distilled water.
Sometimes, even superior/professional grade steamers can transfer rust stains onto garments, if not cleaned regularly. I use one periodically, esp. when items arrived crumpled from other provinces at the store - though not magic, they're definitely quick, safer and produce far more polished results than using a domestic iron.
However, it's very important to follow the instructions carefully and keep the manual handy re: long-term maintenance.

Prager Wm Ltd http://www.wmprager.com
391 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada - (416) 504-4551

12:50 p.m.  
Blogger toronto craft alert said...

From Michelle of MaRGie Jewellery Studio via email:

This is in response to Krissy question about gold-filled and silver chain.

The best place to go in TO is Bamiyan Silver 55 Queen St East
Suite 1100 www.bamiyansilver.com. You must be a registered business
and there is a $150 minimum each time you go but it is well worth it
cause the quality is better and cheaper than John Bead.

2:12 p.m.  

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