Thursday, March 29, 2007

vendor call: red marketplace 2007

Behold this call for vendors from Lisa Pijuan-Nomura, Festival Director, RED Festival:

I am writing you all to let you know about the RED Marketplace that we will be offering at the RED Festival 2007.

This year we are having a marketplace for the full four days of the festival. After discussing with my colleagues we decided that we would be charging a very modest fee for the marketplace. We have created a few more incentives for the audience to go into the back room during the festival and we believe that it could be a lucrative opportunity for you to sell some of your lovely wares!

This year we will have short 2 minute performances during the intermissions in the Marketplace space that will invite audience members to come and see 2x2x2 installations. Which is essentially a performer on a 2x2x2 foot stage doing a two minute piece three times throughout the evening. It would bring more audience into the space to create more people browsing your work!

We hope to have about approximately 900 audience members throughout the 4 days. We have NOW media sponsorship so we are really looking to have larger audiences.

For two days we would offer you a 3x6 table for $60. For the full four days we would give you a great deal for $100. We only ask that you are ready by 6:15 and attend to your table until 10:30 to 11:00. If you know of any other artists who might be interested and who create neat and wonderful wares please do forward this.

Again the details

April 15 to April 18
RED Marketplace!
3 x 6 table
2 days = $60
4 days = $100
at the Lovely Lula Lounge!
from 6:15 to 11:00!

If you are interested please sent me a bio about yourself, some photos of your work and a weblink to your site if you have one!

I will be calling people by April 5th to let them know if they have been chosen. I want to have a diverse mix of artists in the Marketplace to ensure that it won't be a marketplace full of artisans that are all very simalar.

I hope this finds you well and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me. I am crazy busy these days and it's best to contact me via email!

best, Lisa Pijuan-Nomura
Festival Director, RED Festival


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