Tuesday, March 27, 2007

street food cart design competition

In your travels abroad have you ever lamented the fact that other places have MUCH better street food options than we have here in town? I know I have - on a recent trip to Peru I had this very thought when enjoying a freshly fried bag of Taro chips, and I often think back with longing to the stemed sweet potato carts that surrounded the temples in Nara, Japan (can you tell I'm a tuber fan??).

Anyhow, when I heard about
Multistory Complex's vendor cart design competition geared towards diversifying street food life in T.O. I got really excited. Go here for all the deets & check out their call for submissions & poster below.


In such a diverse city, why does the hot dog rule? Where's the tasty, healthy street food? Where's the street life? What do vendors think about Toronto's street vending culture? What do you think about it?

Multistory Complex, in partnership with Ryerson University and Alphabet City ,
is launching a

We're asking you to propose a new, mobile vending cart for the City of Toronto. Designs should support the sale of healthy, affordable food and should consider things like current vending regulations; the conditions and needs of Toronto's street food vendors; the social spaces that vending carts create; the contribution of street vending to pedestrian-friendly environments; and the cart's location in Toronto's diverse neighbourhoods, including those without access to healthy, affordable food. Winning designs will be prototyped, exhibited in Alphabet City's Food Festival and used in a citywide pilot project. The deadline for design submissions is June 15, 2007 .

Want to learn more about street vending?

As part of the design competition, Multistory Complex and Ryerson University will be hosting "Snack Chats". These informal talks will be given by vendors, planners, designers, food security advocates and others. It will be a chance to learn about vending issues like food security, employment, and the construction and regulation of public space. Email us at infoATmultistorycomplex.org to register and receive updates on Snack Chat dates, times and locations.

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