Thursday, March 29, 2007

craft congress 2007: a note from becky johnson

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In a couple of days, the first ever Craft Congress will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, bringing together craft organizers and agitators from across the world (well, mostly the States) to…um…be together. So what is the Craft Congress? That’s an interesting question. And, in its first year, probably a question the Congress will have to deal with itself. Aside from discussing the logistics, challenges and philosophies involved in producing indie craft events, the Congress also intends to be a place to discuss sweeping topics like “who we are as a movement” and further definitions of independent economy.

The Toronto contingent consists of Jen Anisef (you might know her from running this page), Leah Buckareff (of the
Church of Craft and Coldsnap Bindery) and Becky Johnson (that’s me - I run the Sweetie Pie Press and the Good Catch Craft Fair series).

The three of us have met and e-discussed a bunch of issues surrounding this event and are all interested to meet the people involved in independent craft from across the continent. We also all have questions and curiosities surrounding the general outlook of crafty folks (especially those who have taken active roles in the community). In our discussion, it became clear that we don’t even exactly know the political or philosophical climate of our own community and, in representing the city, should probably get informed. [Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section of this post, or to
email us about it as soon as you can! - Jen]

So, Toronto, what’s up?
What are your goals in craft?
What are your thoughts on crafting as a “movement” or community?
Have you even thought of these things before?

We will try our best to allow this information to inform discussion at the Congress over the weekend. But, even if it doesn’t, it seems like as good a time as any to air some views on what we do and why, exactly, we do it.

Oh, and if there is any specific information y’all would be interested in having us report back, please feel free to make us aware of that here, too.

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PS - Here are some links about the Congress that are more articulate than I am:


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