Friday, January 26, 2007

time to digest

Yowzaaz. Lots to catch up on (pesky day job!) so a digest I shall do....

1. Prelude – OCAD Material Arts and Design Show
2. HUSTLE ALERT for designers – Platinum TV
3. First Thursdays – free galleries open late
4. Prime Gallery call for contemporary jewellery submissions
5. Creative design classes at Harbourfront Centre

1. Prelude – OCAD Material Arts and Design Show

Allison from Papersnake Jewellery invites us to check out "Prelude" an exhibition put on by herself and her OCAD peers in Material Art and Design:

Come out and get a sneak peak at ceramic, fibre, and jewellery thesis work!

The show runs from January 31 - February 18th.
At X-Space Gallery which is now located at 58 Ossington

Help support our Thesis by coming to the Opening night.
The Party will be February 2nd from 8-11pm, and it only cost five dollars!
There will be awesome tunes, cheap drinks and even a selection of hand-made goodies for sale!

2. HUSTLE ALERT for designers – Platinum TV

A helpful TCA reader contacted me with a bummer story of a seemingly exciting opportunity to gain exposure for her craft business turning out to be a potential scam/ to have major strings attached. She thought some of you might benefit from her experience – if not to avoid potentially losing money, at least to avoid having your time wasted. Read on for the scoop (text of her email changed a bit to protect anonymity)….

I was contacted yesterday morning by a woman who said they'd like to feature my company on a tv show called "Great Taste". The production company is called Platimun TV ( sort of legit right?

The woman set up a phone call with me and the creative director of the show... [My partner] and I both figured they'd just want us to offer up some accessories to be worn by a tv host or the like. instead, they pitch that they want to feature us in a 7 minute spot on "Great Taste" that apparently airs all over the U.S....and after an intense 45min phone call with said crative director, at the very end she mentions that all we have to pay is a US$19,500 "licensing fee", to prove to her that we are serious and commited to the project.

Sceptic that i am, I bought myself some time with her by saying I need to talk it over with my business partner. She promises to call him the next morning and reminded me several times that "This is a great opportunity! Companies from this segment make an upward amount of a quater million dollars revenue after airing. and don't forget your company is just up for consideration (lucky me) and might not even get the segment as there are many other companies up for the spot."

After getting off the phone, i looked up the company further on the web:
wowsers..crazy right?

What a waste of time! I was so excited...i thought we were going to see Joan Rivers or someone wearing [some of my gear]!

I can't really tell if the company is real or not... I'm sure they do produce infomercials and other types of training videos but $19,500 for a 5 minute segment? They're not getting any money from us!

She called [my partner] this morning no less than 3 times when finally he gets on the phone with her, he politely told her no. I hope that's the end of that!

Anyways, I thought they maybe targeting Canadian small business and wanted to give you and your readers a heads up.

3. First Thursdays – free galleries open late

This notice via instant coffee:

A large number of Toronto's commercial art galleries will be open until 8pm on the first Thursday of every month. This initiative is inspired by its success for the past 8 years in Yorkville, as well as the past 6 months in the Distillery District. Our goal is to work together and provide more opportunities for the public to engage in
the increasingly popular activity of looking at and collecting original art.

Please come out and see what we have to offer …

•Angell Gallery • Arta Gallery • Artcore Gallery • Bau-Xi Gallery •Beckett Fine Art •Birch Libralato • Blue Dot Gallery • Diaz Contemporary • Christopher Cutts Gallery • Clint Roenisch Gallery • Corkin Shopland Gallery •Drabinsky Gallery •Edward Day Gallery • Feheley Fine Arts • Gallery Gevik •Gallery Moos • Gallery One •
Gibsone Jessop Gallery • Hollander York Gallery • Ingram Gallery • Jessica Bradley Art + Projects • Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects •Kinsman Robinson Galleries • Loch Gallery •Lonsdale Gallery •Maslak McLeod Gallery •Monte Clark Gallery • Nikola Rukaj Gallery • Odon Wagner Gallery • Olga Korper Gallery • Pari Nadimi Gallery •Paul Petro Contemporary Art • Peak Gallery • Prime Gallery • Roberts Gallery • Sandra Ainsley Gallery •Stephen Bulger Gallery • Susan Hobbs Gallery • Thompson Landry Gallery • Wynick/Tuck Gallery • Xexe Gallery •

and growing

as usual, admission is free

for more information please contact:
Andrea Carson @ 416 460 3818 or
Stephen Bulger @ 416 504 0705 or
Susan Hobbs @ 416 504 3699 or
or the individual participants

3. Prime Gallery call for contemporary jewellery submissions

Also from instant coffee:

Prime Gallery is now accepting submissions for review from Canadian jewellers. Prime's mandate is to showcase both traditional and contemporary jewellery for our established clientele. Artists currently represented include Holly Tupper Beinhorn, Andree Wejsmann, Beth Godfrey, Mimi Shulman, Sarah Troper, Andrea Roberts, and Paul

Please send a maximum of three jpegs and a link to applicable websites, if any to We thank all artists who submit, but only those accepted for inclusion in our collection willbe contacted. Prime Gallery has been representing Canadian artists in Toronto for 28 years.

5. Creative esign classes at Harbourfront Centre

Thought these two Creative Design courses might be of interest to some of you. Check out their Learning for Living site for the full roster of courses.

Textile Transfer with Lynne Heller
Weekend Workshop, Sat Mar 24 (
10am-2pm), and Sun Mar 25 (1pm-3pm)

Explore, play, talk and make- investigate the use of repetition and pattern as powerful tools of visual presentation in textile art. Make samples of floor cloths using canvas, paint, and transferred imagery. Discover the many techniques and materials for creating beautiful works of art for your home.

Lynne Heller is a Canadian artist and designer working in a variety of disciplines.
$100 (include materials)

Drawing for Fashion Design
6 Thursdays, Mar 1-Apr 5

Look out Project Runway! This course will give you the tools you need to create sketches for fashion design and teach you how to use a variety of materials to put together a presentation board and press kit for your portfolio.

Instructor Sally Glanville has taught Fashion Drawing for 8 years in both the US and Toronto.

$100 (supplies included)


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