Sunday, January 28, 2007

your perfect crafty date (advice, please.)

It's easy enough to find out what's happening out there in Toronto, but another story entirely to actually leave your home and partake in what the city has to offer. It's occurred to me that it's been far too long since I've taken myself on an 'Artist Date' (Artist's Way readers will relate!) - and so I'm setting aside next weekend to doing just that - poking around town and indulging in some quality sensory & cerebral stimulation.

The specific agenda has yet to be set, so I'm turning to you, dear readers, to advise - and maybe even inspire each other to brave the cold & buck the winter lazies in the name of creative rejuvenation.

What would your perfect crafty weekend in the city entail? A crouching marathon in a favourite artbook store? Attending an artist lecture and discussing it with a pal over tea? A trek outside of T.O. to an out of town gallery to see a particular show? A heavy petting session in the aisles of a favourite yarn store? Attending a day long workshop to pick up a new skill? Spending hours in your favourite paper shop and taking home a scrap of your favourite piece?

Whatever it may be, please do let us know, and check back to see what others have to share...


Blogger Lucky Canuck said...

Lettuce Knits first, then a streetcar ride down to Queen and across to Romni, lunch at Little Tibet, then Knit Café after lunch and a streetcar ride home!

8:53 p.m.  
Blogger vania said...

For me, it starts off by reading my regular blog reads at home with a good cup of Cream Earl Grey tea, then a trip to Arton Beads (both stores), Romni Wools, going around this neighbourhood to window shop, and then head to the AGO or Gardiner ceramic museum. I then finish the day reading magazines and have a soy latte at Alter Knit on St. Clair, near my house. Of course, my latest knitting project would have accompanied me everywhere.

8:17 a.m.  
Anonymous angelune said...

i'd like to have brunch on queen, either at Fressen or Fresh, check out the beadery to see what I like then go across the street to Arton to buy it! then streetcar west to wander around designer fabric outlet, I also like perusing the books at indigo (not very indie, i know) various shops and galleries on queen w. and getting ideas.

12:26 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Art dates to the claypit at the gardiner on Friday evening or Sunday afternoon are what art dates are all about.

Graffiti alley along Queen West, I usually start at the spadina entrance just before perusing the button and ribbon shops, is also a great creative/romantic walk.

And, yes, Alter Knit on St. Clair is the cafe I've been waiting for even though I can't knit or crochet.

10:17 a.m.  

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