Wednesday, January 31, 2007

poppy picks etsy gems

Find Etsy a little overwhelming to sort through? Vancouver-based blogger Jan of poppy talk (highligted in a recent post re: her guest blogger stint on Design*Sponge) is here to help. She's just introduced a feature on her blog where each day (Mon-Fri) she'll post about a new Etsy find.

Each pick will be archived in the "Etsy Pick of the Day" gallery permanently listed on the sidebar. This is not only a great opportunity for shoppers, but also for etsy sellers to get their stuff seen (a couple of the pieces she's posted about this week have sold out). If you've got an Etsy store and think your stuff jives with the poppy talk aesthetic, give Jan a shout at Check out her latest pick below - a love tree card set by tamar.

ove tree card set by tamar (via poppy talk)


Blogger said...

Angelune - thanks for the comments on ATSF. I love your web banner - so great. And, hey, my parents are from Toronto!

11:51 p.m.  

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