Saturday, January 06, 2007

call for corks!

If you haven't tossed your holiday booze corks yet or plan to drink some wine in the next little while, Michelle of MaRGie Jewellery asks that you hold on to them for her. She's in the process of opening a jewellery studio (there will be daily classes in metal, glass and beaded jewellery) and would like to spruce up the less-that-lovely washroom in the space by gluing old wine bottle corks to the walls to make it seem a bit homier.

If you live in the city of T.O. (including Scarborough & Etobicoke) and would like to help Michelle out, kindly hang on to the corks you amass between now and January 19th, and she will collect them the week of the 22nd. Contact her here if you have corks to spare.

As an aside, I came across Bag-a-cork, a recycling initiative of the Ontario Girl Guides which aims to prevent corks from ending up in landfill sites by providing cork drop-off locations where they are sorted and recycled by Guides. Something to think about if you are a big wine drinker or work for/own a restaurant/bar...


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