Sunday, November 12, 2006

peru in t.o.!

I've been a little shy about announcing my return to town, preferring instead to discretely slip back into TCA duties. But having come across the Q‘ENCO Project has motivated me to say, "hey, I'm back", and to let you know that if you enjoyed my pics of Peruvian textiles on the road, there's an opportunity to see some of this stuff in the flesh (er, thread) in Toronto. Before I go any further though, I'd like to send out some major props to Angelune, who did an amazing job keeping the TCA machine running in my absence. I am thrilled to say that she will continue to post alongside me from now on. Ow ow!

O.k. so on to Peruvian textiles. This week (from Novemeber 11-17) textiles produced by weavers in the small community of Q'enco, in the Cusco region of Peru will be on display (and available for purchase) at the Gibsone Jessop Gallery in the Distillery District - Bldg. 4 - 55 Mill Street. The textiles are produced by the Q'enco Weaver's Association (Asociacion de los Artesanos en Tejido Pallay Lloraypu), a group formed in order to preserve their local textile traditions and encourage sustainability very much in the spirit of many of the initiatives mentioned my post about Sacred Valley crafts.


The Q'ENCO Project is supported by
DesignAid, a "not-for-profit organisation that focuses on design as a tool for promoting sustainable and equitable social and economic development. A forum for designers from all design disciplines, DesignAid explores how the specialised skills of designers can contribute to the betterment of our local and international communities."

So pleased to learn that this kind of initiative exists our fair city!


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