Tuesday, November 07, 2006

bright lights, big city

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The peeps that bring us public pillowfights, bubblewars, and regular ttc parties are scheming to create a starry sky on our city ceiling blandified by light pollution.
Newmindspace are asking for glowy installations to contribute to the luminosity factor. Interested? Read on....


Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

After a month of waiting, our shipment of extra-bright, battery-powered, customized, collectible, white LED's has arrived from China. That means Night Lights is this Friday!

15 KING'S COLLEGE CIRCLE (The lawn in front of)
7:07pm - 11:59pm - $free

(One block north of College + McCaul, east of Spadina)


Due to light pollution, some of our night lights have disappeared! To bring back the sky's twinkle, we have decided to make some stars of our own. Join us for an evening of starcraft, constellation installation and a tower of light visible from across the city.

* * * The Installations * * *

Stars * Hundreds of LED's will be suspended from helium balloons to create an artificial starscape, creating our own constellations and a twinkling Milky Way that should be visible for miles.

String of Diamonds * Long strings of LED's will be suspended from a weather balloon. As the wind and participants move the cord, the string will appear to glitter.

Faeries * Much like the shoes hanging from our telephone wires, pairs of LED's will be strung together and hung from trees in Queen's Park like couples of faeries.

(fly)light by Pearl Chen * An animated sphere of 500 green LED's.

* * * Participation * * *

As we light up the sky, we encourage you to brighten the ground: please bring glowy things such as glowsticks, LED toys, EL wire, lightsabers, art bikes, lasers, personal lights, etc. Also, somebody please bring a video cam!

If you would like to create an installation involving light, let us know! Simply reply to this e-mail and we will figure out where your art fits in. If you need power, we've got it!

The word on a possible soundsystem and/or afterparty is forthcoming ;-) If you can hook these up, let us know.

* * * Love * * *

This e-mail is already way too long, so find out the complete info at http://www.newmindspace.com/nightlights.php :)

See you on Friday!

Lori * Kevin


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