Sunday, October 29, 2006

inspiration: crafty books

here are reviews for two books on contemporary craft that I'm dying to get my hands on! (thanks to meguchan for the stylebytes tip!)

By Hand: The use of craft in contemporary art

"This book works as an excellent coffee table book, it contains useful and
interesting information along with beautiful photos, and last but not least,
it´s a great source of inspiration for all of us crafters. You´ll find DIY
designer bags, embroidered pictures, crocheted lampshades, vinyl cars and so
much more. It´s art I can relate to in a whole different level because it´s
closer to what I do. I can recommend it to all of you interested in art or
crafts in any way."
Craftivity: 40 projects for the diy lifestyle

"it's quite possibly the best design/craft book i've seen in years. craftivity
chose a simple goal and executed it almost flawlessly. they set out to introduce
and teach 40 craft projects from real designers and crafters and went above and
beyond their mission. i found myself endlessly inspired by the projects they
chose (broken up into areas like: knitting, wood working, glass, etc.) and the
designers behind them. almost all of them are projects that even i (a non-crafty
person) feel comfortable attempting. from sewing a stylishly "moth-bitten"
sweater to creating your own handknit backyard hammock,
craftivity has your diy needs covered."



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