Monday, October 30, 2006

ask crafty response: citric acid, shrink plastic, and machine knitter

Anyone else with some words of wisdom? fire away with all your crafty knowledge and help out your fellow crafties... post replies to these questions in the comments or email me with your tips.

x Where in T.O. I can buy citric acid for making bath bombs? I've found many websites for how to make them, but none of them tell you where to get citric acid. - Rennee Charles

    • Citric acid is available at most health food stores - that's the cheapest place to get it.
    • You can also get it at places like SoapScope on Roncesvalles, but it's way more expensive.

x I'm searching high and low for shrink plastic - you know the stuff that shrinky dinks are made of. I would like blank pieces that I can either draw on or send through my inkjet printer. I would prefer to buy locally and avoid US customs and crazy shipping charges. I've been calling places all weekend and have only been able to locate it at Michael's stores, but none are TTC-friendly, since they're in Markham, Brampton and Oakville! Is there a source for these in Toronto? - Susan

    • It's true - I've only even been able to find shrinky dink plastic at Michael's or at Staples (if there' out of stock they will order it for you - bring the UPC code from their website).
    • I've seen cheap shrinky dink material at the Dollarama in the crafty section but it's pre-printed.

x I am looking to hook up with a machine knitter; someone who knits with a machine. Someone who does modern work, and can possible work without a pattern. Do you know anyone like this? - Jennifer (this is more of a help-wanted question)


Anonymous indigosnow said...

I bought some shrink art paper just a few days ago at the Loomis art store on Danforth Avenue. It's called Shrink Film and comes in a pack of 6 8X11 sheets for $4.95. It was in the scrapbooking section.

Other Loomis stores may also carry it...

12:47 a.m.  
Blogger toronto craft alert said...

from sarah via email:

hi....has the person looking for "shrinky dink" plastic tried "michael's"?
i've definitely bought some there, maybe 10 years ago, but i know that's
where it came from. i always ask the employees where things are in that
place, maybe they can help find it!

8:48 a.m.  
Anonymous dusty said...

Bizzy B's Stamp 'n' Scrap sells shrink plastic. They're located near High Park subway station, on Bloor.

10:36 p.m.  

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