Wednesday, September 27, 2006

nuit blanche: crafty action

So Nuit Blanche is coming up, and I thought it might be handy to compile a little listing of craft related events happening as part of the programming.

A few of you alerted me to the mega clothes swap happening at the Textile Museum complete with “style councillors, accessory advisors and seam rippers on hand to modify and rework your new finds”. Other fun happenings include an appearance by my childhood hero (and knitting fanatic), Tracy Ullman. Check out the flyer here.

The Ontario Crafts Council is doing an interactive 3D art & crafts project at the CN Tower main floor, alongside all night demos by renowned craft artists.

The Knit Cafe is open for an all night knit-a-thon

Check out the sexy new Gardiner Museum for some ceramics-inspired art making.

If you know of more, share the love in the comments!


Blogger anatomyofaskirt said...

Hey! While it's not part of nuit blanche, there is another arty show going on this weekend! Come check out the St. Clair Art Walk, there are some great local artisans and craftspeople showing at the Outdoor Artmarket locations (see map here.

8:59 a.m.  
Anonymous Janet Attard - janet Bike Girl said...

I am a stencil artist in Toronto. I am participating in Nuit Blanche, at my studio located in the 401 Richmond St West building, at Spadina Ave.
My name is Janet Attard, my other name is Janet Bike Girl. I have made an installation of discarded bicycle stencils, which have been made into collages with colourful gels, and other found objects.The installation is called Bicycles in the Urban Environment.
Hope to see you, at Nuit Blanche.Sat Sept 30,7pm until 7am.

7:56 a.m.  
Blogger Romana King said...

Whatever we engage in becomes engaging.

This is not a particularly profound thought. In fact, it's quite linear and quite logical. Yet, it is a statement that more than applies to art and how we experience art -- as individuals, as a community and as a culture and a society.

I had the occasion last week to discuss the sad reality that Toronto's art scene is not self-sustaining. To qualify: this does not mean there is no community. In fact, there are strong localized artistic communities and, at times, these communities cross over to support other avenues and genres. But, for most Canadian artists, their success depends on recognition outside our borders (the exception being Quebec, whose language helps insulate the culture, which then provides a medium for artists to express and grow in a self-sustaining, nurturing environment).

Enter Nuit Blanche.

While I was not in Toronto to personally witness this event, accounts from friends attest that Nuit Blanche was the first exciting, encompassing and thoroughly community arts driven event to happen in Toronto since the 1960s (the time of free love and music in hippie-Yorkville). The event provided people an opportunity to walk around and take in art -- not simply in a gallery setting (though a variety of galleries, including UofT's Hart House, participated) but on the street, in the parks and in community centres. The event was an opportunity for art and community to intermingle -- to engage.


7:48 a.m.  
Blogger rhya said...

i put up an account of our monsters hanging out at nuit blanche here:

what a great night!

5:06 p.m.  

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