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ask crafty response: freezer paper, beeswax & mannequin heads

x i am obsessed with trying these freezer paper stencils that are everywhere. where can i find freezer paper? – andrea

-Freezer paper should be readily available at yer' average grocery store - with the other storage supplies like ziploc bags and such. It comes packaged like Saran Wrap and tinfoil, in long, rectangular boxes. Failing that, try checking with a butcher shop to see if they can give you any leads. Good luck!
-Is freezer paper the same as parchment paper? i bought some unbleached parchment at whole foods but sure that you could find at any supermarket...I am just looking at the box and it says that it is silicone coated...the company website is that helps!
- I've spent tonnes of time looking for freezer paper too. None of the grocery stores around me carry it. Yesterday, though, I found something called Pantry Pro Shelf Liner at my local Loblaws (the one right above St. Clair W subway station) and it's the exact same thing as freezer paper: [plasticky] on one side, not so [plasticky] on the other. I've even made a stencil with it. [It irons like a charm.] I didn't find it with the foil, etc. Instead, it was in the Kosher section amid all of the Sabot candles. I never would have would have thought about looking there. It was a good thing I needed some Kosher salt, I suppose.
-I was looking for freezer paper too, and my local No Frills didn't have it, but Dominion did. I think the brand was Reynolds. If you are ironing it to fabric for applique, stencils, etc... you want the kind with a plasticy coating on one side, NOT wax. You don't want melted wax on your fabric. Baking parchment paper is not the same, but it is excellent to use as a semi-transparent non-stick "press cloth" for fusible applique. (Can you tell I'm a quilter?)

x do you know where I can find sheets of beeswax to make candles in toronto? and wicks as well. – Amanda

-Wicks and other candlemaking supplies can be found here: They have beeswax but I'm not sure if they sell them in sheets.Michael's definitely has beeswax sheets. You can also order online from here, but they're in Ottawa:

x I am looking for a mannequin-like head to block/display the hats that I knit. I've seen the glass ones (I'm assuming they are glass because it's clear...could be plastic) on other people's blogs. No clue where to find one in Toronto though…I was hoping your readers would have other suggestions for blocking hats if the heads are difficult to come by. - Natalie

-with respect to the mannequin heads i saw some great ones at a designer's store here in TO, Virginia Johnson (164 Dundas @ Ossington)...i saw the heads in TOronto LIfe mag though. they look handmade by paper mache and really cool. and it would be easy to make and customize. i got a real mannequin head on ebay though. it's also beautiful.
-Hot tip - there's a mannequin head for sale in the display case at the Goodwill at Queen Street West & Roncesvalles! I was there Thursday night around 7:30pm! (This was awhile ago…sorry guys – ed.)
-There is a store on Adelaide and Spadina called King's Display that sells mannequin heads; plastic or styrofoam. I bought like three of them for fifteen bucks :DYou may need a vendor permit to spend more than a certain amount of money at this place though, but I'm not sure... -i recommend king's display as well, the address is 410 Adelaide st. W. I have gotten many jewelry displays from there i am happy with. There is also a display place right across the street from them (i cannot remember the name) but check out there as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have picked up freezer paper at Honest's Ed's before

11:35 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

With regards the mannequin heads, I know of a fellow with at least two 30's/40's heads that have been updated in the style of the 60's mod revival. They are quite striking. To contact him, e mail

9:11 p.m.  
Anonymous ZenScout said...

I found freezer paper at Dominion, right with the plastic wrap and wax paper. I was expecting to have to search for it, but there it was. I may have squealed a little when I found it.

8:44 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least you had an half decent experience with King's Display. I had the WORST experience with them! They made me pay extra for their own mistake!

I would NEVER EVER purchase from them again. They have terrible service. I highly advise everyone to avoid this awful place!

11:17 p.m.  
Blogger toronto craft alert said...

via email:

I just want to ell you that Michael's do not carry beeswax in sheets or any other form. The manager said there was a law suite (he did not
say it involved them) but they no longer carry it.

8:36 a.m.  

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