Wednesday, August 09, 2006

anyone got a pocket mirror maker?

A TCA reader is seeking the services of someone who has a pocket mirror making machine (or 2.25" button maker). Here’s her plea:

“I'm looking to making some of those 2.25" pocket mirrors that you can custom design and print the backs of, you know the ones you can make with a 2.25" button maker machine? But before I sink $300 into buying the button/mirror making machine I was hoping to make a few to see how they look. Do you know if anyone has one of those machines and if so, if they'd be interested in making custom design ones for other people (like myself)?”

If you’ve got one of these (or know someone who does) and are interested in doing some work for her, then
email me and I’ll put you all in touch.


Anonymous Babble said...

Hi there!

We have what they're looking for!

My company, Babble, has just become a Badge-A-Minit destributor... in Toronto! We offer 2 1/4" mirror-back sets and the presses (as well as button sets, key-chain sets, mirror-back keychain sets, and lots more!). You can even pick-up your order to avoid shipping.

We will also be offering Button Pressing workshops soon so people can see if they like the well as make some buttons and have a really good time! Or, we offer button press rentals, so you can test/use them on a temporary basis without having to buy!

We also do custom orders for buttons, stickers, and magnets, but not for the mirrors at the moment.

You can check out our site at or our MySpace at Or if you have any questions, feel free to ask me! :)

Thanks! Love your blog!

:) Desirée

3:37 p.m.  

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