Wednesday, July 26, 2006

new courses at sew be it

Read on for Sew Be it Studio’s summer/fall program

This summer and fall a slew of new courses are on offer at Sew Be It Studio. There are introductory courses ideal for both the creative dilettante and dedicated craftista (for instance, our Fashion Ilustration workshop), specialty courses for the committed creator eager for a challenge (Introduction to Leather Work is just one of them) and an extensive intermediate course for the teenaged design intent on a career in this industry (Fashion Design for Teens – Level 2).

Check out our website – – or call – 416 481 7784 – to learn more or about other awesome opportunities.

Fashion Design for Teens - Level 2

For the young miss or mister who imagines becoming a style maven or maverick, who is intent on a fashion design career in the future. In this intermediate fashion design course you will exercise basic design skills and master more challenging projects. Design a collection. Complement your talent by learning elements of accessory design and basic pattern making, including draping and flat pattern making. With a concentration on fashion illustration, participants in this course will develop a portfolio for professional presentation. Course work will be complemented by field trips. Some homework will be assigned. Students will have full access to the studio for classwork, free of charge, when available.

Go here for the deets.

Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration is way more than just drawing. It is the main form of communication for fashion and costume designers. In this introductory workshop you will learn how to draw the human form, proportion, how to depict fabric properties, patterns and more. Get your designs out of your head and onto the page so that eventually they may be created in three dimensions. This class is important for anyone who aspires to be a designer, and for anyone who wants to learn the art of visual communication.

Date: August 19, Saturday (changed from August 5 due to scheduling conflict on long weekend)Time: 2pm - 5pm
Price: $45 + GST

Introduction to Leather Work

This class will focus on the process and procedure of working with leather; demystifying the sometimes imposing tools and methodology of working with and crafting leather into accessories and more. Combining the use of hand tools and machine work, participants will work on a basic accessory, such as a bag or purse, starting with their own materials and design after the first class.

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