Friday, July 14, 2006


I missed the boat on Wedneday’s opening but thought I should post about fray, a joint show between the Textile Museum of Canada and Koffler Gallery that features the work of 19 contemporary artists working in a range of media. Some artists exhibit at both venues, while the others' work is split between the two.

As described by the TMC, “The artists in fray explore the implications of memory embodied in the design, materials and processes associated with textile traditions. Often dismantling existing objects, they subsequently reweave the constitutive threads to generate new forms of expression and new meanings.”

The show is on at the Textile Museum from July 13 to January 7, 2007, and at the The Koffler Gallery from July 13 to October 13, 2006.

The TMC will offer a bunch of programming associated with fray, including a series of kooky workshops such as "Making Spare Body Parts with Sarah Maloney”, “How to Crochet a Bucket with Doug Guildford”, and "Punching Old Sweaters with Liz Sargent". Details on these and fray-related lectures and discussions can be found on the TMC’s
calendar of events.

Liz Sargent, Into the Web (2002)


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