Thursday, June 01, 2006

y'all must go to flamboro

Hey, is anyone heading to the Flamboro Antique Show in Aberfoyle on June 17th? Angelune, who so kindly and awesomely designed TCA promotional flyers and buttons for the Crafternoon Tea show last weekend, is seeking a ride to the fair. If you'd like to give her a lift, email me and I'll hook you guys up.

If you aren't planning to go to the show - well - you just should. It is a truly excellent, mostly outdoor antique/vintage fair located in Aberfoyle, just south of Guelph. There are about 200 or so vendors selling homeware, furniture, nostalgia, toys, textiles, jewellery, clothing, etc. etc. There is also a shack with yummy eats, and carmel corn and fresh cut fry stands. Go early, not only to get the worm, but also because it will take you all day to make it through the show.

Don't forget to download the coupon for $2.00 off for everyone in your car.

Remaining dates this year:

Saturday June 17th
Saturday August 19th
Saturday September 30th
Saturday October 28th

Here are some pics from my visit to the first show of the season on May 6th:

French cock tray
Coq tray from France (1950s)

Elephant cushion & buttons
Embroidered elephant cushion & vintage buttons

Linens, fabrics & notions

Boys outfit
Little boy outfit from the fifties (w/ shorts to match!)


Blogger Maggs said...

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Blogger Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

I hope Angelune reports in as to any fabulous loot she found at Flamboro!

10:17 p.m.  
Blogger vania said...

Flamboro is an annual must-do for me, but unfortunately, i won't be able to go to the June show, but i might try another one in the summer. I was at the May 6 too and found a lot of goodies!

7:36 a.m.  

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