Tuesday, June 13, 2006

HELP WANTED: crafty book reviewer

So Random House Canada has offered to send us free craft books to review for the blog from their newish Potter Craft line (see some examples here). They've agreed to, where possible, provide us with books by Toronto-based (or Canadian) writers, or at least books that are availabe in the city. Would anyone be interested in doing this? Free books! Free books!

If so, email me and we'll discuss.


Thank you for your dozens (upon dozens!) of expressions of interest in reviewing the Random House craft books. Unfortunately there are a limited number of books to review and therefore only a few of you can do so. I will keep everyone’s emails on file for future reviewing opportunities. If you didn’t happen to mention which crafts you are interested in writing on in your email, please feel free to follow up with that info for future ref.

I am thrilled to see that there are so many budding craft journalists out there – and if any of you are interested in submitting reviews of Toronto-based craft/DIY books (a la
You Grow Girl or Knitting Rules! : The Yarn Harlot's Bag of Knitting Tricks), please do. The same goes for articles/profiles/etc. of anything Toronto and crafty.

Hope to hear from you !


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