Tuesday, June 13, 2006

dufferin grove craft fair

I mentioned a call for vendors in a recent digest post, but here's an invite to the actual show:
Dufferin Grove Craft Fair
*Sunday June 18th*
from 11am to 4pm
in Dufferin Grove Park
(east of Dufferin, South of Bloor)
come to the park this coming sunday afternoon and check out handmade crafts by some local folk-- there will be clothing (tshirts with bicycles on them, for instance) and lots of different people selling jewelry...and some cloth bags and beeswax candles and hand-printed cards and handmade notebooks and and all sorts of other things, most probably (since I still have a couple spots left)...oh and snacks from the guerrilla gourmet, very important. and maybe organic roti too.

hope to see you there... contact abbeyhuggan@yahoo.ca if you have any questions or would like to get one of those last remaining tables...

there are two other events in the park that day too... i'm really looking forward to the cooking fire theatre festival (it will be their last night) and it is also the "day of delight"....see www.dufferinpark.ca for more
details....it is also a pizza day so you can make your own pizza in the brick oven there (they provide basic toppings but you can bring your own pesto or something if you want to...)


Blogger vania said...

i was at Dufferin Grove for my first Friday night dinner last friday and it was Yummy. You should all go - they have veg/vegan and meat dinners for $6, $5 if you bring your own plate. Really good food and a great way to hang out in a park in the summer!

8:26 a.m.  

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