Friday, June 09, 2006

backlog begone

Oh my! I’ve been out of town for a bit and Blogger was down yesterday, and so we have a bit of a craft news backlog here. This calls for a digest post – though I’m hoping none of the following gets lost in the mix, as there is lots of fun stuff to report.

1. Introducing the TCA events calendar
2. Japanese craft books available at the Japan Foundation library
3. Call for vendors: Dufferin Grove Craft Fair (June 18th)
4. nathalie-roze & co. store opening June 17 & 18th
5. Crafty Guide to Toronto @

1. Introducing the TCA events calendar

Glance to the sidebar on the right and you’ll find our newest feature, the TCA events calendar, which lists craft fairs and other crafty happenings of note. Helpful reader Saira recommended as a calendar-esque tool, and I think it’s a great option because any events that you list can be shared with all readers in your ‘Metro’ (i.e. Toronto). So the crafty word is being spread far and wide...ow ow. By the way, pretty pretty please let me know if you hear of a craft-related event going down that you feel should be listed on the calendar (including craft fairs looking for vendors).

2. Japanese craft books available at the Japan Foundation Library

Over the past couple of months, cutie blogger and illustrator Tania and I have been scheming to bring Japanese craft books to Toronto in collaboration with the Japan Foundation Library. The head librarian was kind enough to root through the pile of ISBNs we passed on to her, and has chosen six new books to add to their collection. Though they are written in Japanese, most of the projects have illustrated instructions you can decipher, and some even have patterns you can photocopy. You should all head over for a visit and take some of these sweeties home (click the 'Library' tab on the site for hours and location). While you're there it's worth checking out their collection of more traditional Japanese craft books, as well as paying a visit to the gallery (always an interesting show on at the JF). To further entice you, here are a few of the books now available at the library:

3. Call for vendors: Dufferin Grove Craft Fair (June 18)

Abbey sent along this message for a very reasonably priced craft fair geared towards newbie craft vendors:

Sunday June 18th

Dufferin Grove Park
(South of Bloor, East of Dufferin)

Looking for local folk who would like to sell their practical/portable/affordable and totally *handmade* crafts at this fair... where the table prices will be extremely low (no higher than $15-- still waiting to hear about how much park staff time we have to cover)

I'm actually looking for people who might have never actually done a craft fair before (but who have lots to put on their table!), or who are rather new to it... definitely no one whose craft is their profession. (they have other shows that are not accessible to the rest of us)

It will be an excellent day to be at the park, because there are two other events going on that day as well...see for more details

To book a spot, please email Abbey at with the following info:

1. what you make and why you make it (just a brief little description will do)
2. your price range
3. what size table would you prefer (3 ft or 6 ft)? or can you bring your own?
4. phone number(s) and the best time to reach you
5. some kind of promise not to cancel on me the day before the event! you can cancel two days beforehand, however, if you need to...

hope to see you there....

4. nathalie-roze & co. store opening June 17 & 18th

A heads-up from Nathalie-Roze:

Attention craft enthusiasts: nathalie-roze & co. is having a soft-opening next weekend (June 17 & 18)!
Come have a sneak peek at this new indie boutique & DIY studio in the making. Expect oodles of quirky-cool accessories, jewellery, clothing and beyond by over 70 craftista-designers with more stock arriving daily from all over Canada, the US and the UK.
WHERE: In lovely Leslieville at 1015 Queen St. East @ Pape (on the S. side)
Cupcakes and lemonade will be served all weekend.

5. Crafty Guide to Toronto @

Recently Thimble posted a very handy Crafty Guide to Toronto on her blog, and so if anyone’s looking for a cheat sheet for craft resources, you should check it out (and leave comments with your own recs!).


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