Sunday, June 18, 2006

ask crafty response: oilcloth, fabric dyeing and painting classes, hot fabric shops

x"Where can I buy oilcloth in Toronto?" - Terri

-Oilcloth! I do know that they sell oilcloth products direct from Mexico at Clandestino (249 Crawford - across from Trinity Bellwoods). I had asked about buying yards of the materials from them for a wedding last summer and they said it was possible. -Also, you might want to try Italian/Greek/Portuguese neighbourhooods in Toronto and look for old school Mom & Pop hardware stores. They usually carry a small selection of patterns that you can purchase by the yard. - While there are rolls of oil cloth in photoprint ice cream, grapes and cheese or wine all over portugal village and in honest eds, if you go to Winkel (1107 queen east) they only order the awesome vintage-y florals and patterns that gramma had on the picnic table in those 1957 silent home videos. They have giant rolls of it! - i have seen cheesy kitchen themed oilcloths at the hardware store near gayleys at dundas and gladstone.

x"I'm trying to find classes to take in the art of fabric dying and painting, especially on velvet, silk and chiffon. Toronto or Mississauga location." - sam

- G & s Dyes on Dundas St W does great courses on fabric painting... [lots of people recommended this resource]

x"I'll be visiting Toronto the week after this. Can anyone recommend the best fabric stores to visit?" - magpie & cake

-one of my fave stores for fabric is Eurofab on the north side of Queen W, just west of Spadina. They have all the stuff that MacFab has, but it's cheaper! there's tons of other stores in the same area that have good deals. There are also a few stores on the west side of Spadina, just south of College that seem to be having a liquidation sale for the last year. I got super good discounts there, but I can never remember the actual store's name. -Designer Fabric Outlet (1360 Queen St. W ) -See Thimble’s list.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello everyone, My name e is Ronit and I am looking for a place where to dye a wedding gown. I have been looking all over the Internet yet, have not been lucky to find a place that dyes fabric. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

11:57 a.m.  
Blogger Sandy MacMillan said...

Me too! I've been looking to find a place to dye my wedding dress ( a simple Indian cotton sundress with lining)....I heard there is a place across the street from the AGO at Dundas and Beverley (are you here in Toronto?) that dyes fabrics. I'll check it out this week and update on this blog - good luck!

7:07 p.m.  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sew Sisters is a great shop with very low prices and a great selection. They are a bit hard to find in North York at 3881 Chesswood Drive but are well worth the trip! They also have a website

9:32 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mary Hill: There are painting classes at local schools..i.e. Hollycrest Community School on Renforth in Etobicoke.

1:17 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My daughter's brand new suit was taken to the dry cleaner and when it was picked up we noticed some black spots all over her off white cream suit. Please help! We are looking to re-dye her suit to get rid of the small black spots that were found. The suit had a metallic sheen to it before it went into the cleaners and now it is gone. We think that the metallic sheen that was on it was wiped off when it was dry cleaned.
Do you know anyone who can redye the suit? We would greatly appreciate it!
Annie S. (905) 731-6612

11:10 a.m.  
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please email us at and we will add this to the next ask crafty.

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