Monday, April 03, 2006

there goes the neighbourhood

The opening of a Lee Valley around the corner from us has been *the* hot topic around my home over the past few weeks - and today is the big day. My dude is a woodworker and their catalogue his wood porn, with all kinds of fancy planes, scrapers, carving tools, finishing supplies, and some pretty cool victorian reproduction hardware. He's particularly excited about the seminars and workshops they'll be offering on various woodworking and carving topics. (The downtown store doesn't have any listed yet, but check out this one for a sample of what's to come).

For my crafty purposes I love love love the teensy rare earth magnets, watchmaker cases for storing things like sequins, rhinestones, and buttons, and other fun supply storage solutions. Though I have a brown thumb (black? whatever the colour of dead plants), you domestic and guerilla gardeners out there might want to check out their extensive stock of gardening supplies.

So go for a visit at 590 King Street West near Portland (just east of Bathurst).


Anonymous Lala said...

I share your excitement. I work just down the street from their new location, which is so mcuh better than the drive to Steeles.

10:34 a.m.  

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