Thursday, April 06, 2006

generated habitats

Heard about this show taking place in an apartment on Queen west a little while ago and thought you kids might find it of interest (it opens today with a reception this Friday night). Crafty dimensions include toys by Rhya Tamasauskas of Monster Factory, an installation involving a dress by Hitoko Okada, and printmaking by Reiko Shimizu. I am especially compelled to check it out by the kinda psychedelic felt blob piece by Rie Aikawa pictured here.

Here are some words from A Collection of Foreign Objects, the art collective putting on the show:

"Generated Habitats is comprised of fresh, vibrant works that compel viewers to question how they are affected by, and affect their own surroundings. Intentionally choosing the unique exhibition space of a vacant dwelling, Generated Habitats turns away from the blank, sterile cube of the traditional gallery, and towards an inspiring space in which traces of past inhabitants remain... Working within rooms designed for habitation rather than exhibition, the viewer is invited, lured, and guided through each artist's generated habitat.

United by a shared experience of Japanese culture and its influence, A Collection of Foreign Objects , along with selected Japanese and Canadian artists, will be producing works in the diverse media of sculpture, painting, printmaking, fashion and photography."

Opening reception is this Friday April 7 from 7-10 pm

Show runs April 6 until April 29. Hours will be Thurs to Sat, 12-6 pm
2-1022 Queen St. West (just west of Ossington Ave. )


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