Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Evening Canopy and the Sunset Hour

This sounds incredible, and Karen Azoulay makes lovely and magical art, so I have no doubt it will be incredible. Catch the opening tonight...

The Evening Canopy and the Sunset Hour by Karen Azoulay transforms
Mercer Union into a wondrous grotto, complete with shells and
cascades of water.

"...the true magic of Azoulay’s work is the alchemy of art, by which
ordinary matter can be transformed. Using homely materials and craft
techniques, the artist elevates her stuffs into something wondrous.
Papier-mache becomes a clamshell or a conch, painted paperboard
cascades of water, variegated yarn in blues and greens a waterfall.
Most marvelously of all, she transmutes a fabric-covered enclosure
with loops of dyed string, artfully hung from wooden slats like moss
or mineral deposits on a cavern ceiling, into a crepuscular and
immersive environment, surrounding us on all sides as if the evening
canopy lacked horizon or end. The hanks of string, arrayed by hue,
evoke the dome of the sky, but they remain always string, stubbornly
literal in spite of everything. Patent artifice is everywhere apparent
—and yet—and yet. Azoulay’s grotto stands at once quotidian and
numinous, and therein rests its mystery." - Joseph R. Wolin

April 13, 2006 - May 20, 2006
Opening Reception: Thursday, April 13, 2006, 7PM
Artist Performance: Karen Azoulay, 7:30PM

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oooooops. Forgot to mention that this happened/is happening at Mercer Union
(37 Lisgar Street).


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