Thursday, April 20, 2006

ask crafty: four more

Some new ask crafty questions for you to chew on. Spout your crafty wisdom in the comments to this post, or email me with your response.

x"Where can one find wool felt in the city?" - Tara
x"Where in Toronto can I find Japanese Craft Books? I've seen some(ribbon-related) Japanese craft books at Mokuba ribbon shop on Queen West at Portland. Is there anything else? I'm looking for Japanese crochet books"
x"I am trying to find out more information on how to solder; I make jewelry and REALLY wanted to add that to some of my styles but NO idea what it entails. Is there a simple variation of this technique?" - Viki
x"I just ruined a beautiful vintage sweater with indelible stains... stupid stupid, but I didn't really love the colour to begin with, so I'm thinking about dyeing it... any suggestions? It's all wool." - Day

FYI, a topical ask crafty archive has indeed been added to the sidebar for future ref (look to the right and scroll down a bit).


Blogger amanda said...

love this new feature! I too am *dying* to find some wool felt in the city, so I eagerly await a response :)

5:56 p.m.  
Blogger ShanghaiCowgirl said...

Elusive wool felt! Apparently Designer Fabric Outlet on Queen West at Brock carries it by the yard. This isn't a confirmed source tho', a little old italian lady on College told me this. If you get there before me, check up on the second floor.

I haven't yet seen J-crochet, but there are fashion and sewing mags at Little Tokyo on Augusta in Kensington Market. Other places to check would be Samko on Queen West, which has some magazine, but they might just be general interest...

Soldering... hmmm... I know a girl who welds? No. I'd google for some FAQs to begin. Then check out the Toronto District School Board for evening or weekend classes. If you want to talk to someone about it, try Made You Look at Queen West @ Brock. It's a jewellery collective, people rent benches and sell their stuff on consignment. Kim Drosdik (one of the members) made my wedding bands!

Dyeing - I'd say koolaid, as long as it's animal fibres. Koolaid allows you to overdye, but that works best with the stronger colours - reds and purples. And then dye a wool sock in a contrasting colour/flavour, make a felt flower on it and stick it onto the stain!

4:55 p.m.  
Anonymous Indigo said...

For soldering, I find that Craftster has some info and examples, particularly the "picture frame" pendants that are soldered. Not sure if this is the type of thing you're after, but check out and do a search for soldering.

Thanks for the tip on J-crochet- I have looked at Samko and will check Lil Tokyo next!

2:21 p.m.  

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