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ask crafty: consignment, machine-embroidered labels, buttonmakers, and cheap purse handles

Thanks a load to all who replied with tips for the last batch of ask crafty questions. Here's a handy dandy consolidation of your responses plus a bit of additional research (an archive of this info will be compiled shortly):

x“I'd love to have a list of stores in Toronto that take handmade things on consignment” - Laural aka Thimble
Here are some stores that accept items on consignment or buy wholesale:

Freedom Clothing (contact: Jenn)
Toronto Woman's Bookstore
skirt (contact: Jamie)
left feet
red pegasus
frock (contact: Cathryn)
Distill (contact: Allison)
Fleurtje (contact: Nicole)
Propaganda (contact: Regina)
Made You Look (contact: Sarah)
Pink poppie (contact: Scott)
Art Metropole
itsmade (opening in May, contact: Karen)
Mothership - 831 Queen West, 416.535.8618
Tellulah Twig - 1662 Queen West, 416.532.0110
STORM - 292 Queen West, 416.340.8579

Iki - 19 Kensington, 416.598.0790 (contact: Sheri)
Silver Indie Shop - 703 Queen West (opening soon)

The Rage - 13 Kensignton Ave (contact: Sarah)

x“Where do I find lovely machine embroidered cloth labels or tags the kind with "made with love from grandma" but personalized to use with my products?” – Kim

-For custom labels: Laven Industries in Markham. They do woven labels as well. Decent turnaround time and pricing.
Here’s a list of Canadian label manufacturers to check out from toronto fashion incubator.
-If you can’t find one in town,
here are some “grandma” cuties available online.

x“Does anyone know a place in Toronto that sells button (badge) makers? I have seen some on the internet, but I wanted to avoid the shipping costs etc. and just buy one in person." – Robyn

-If you only need a few, they sell kid-friendly button makers at your local Toys R Us. Otherwise, try
Craig’s List or Stille Post and ask the same question of some local indie bands. Everybody's got a 1" button these days.
-It may not be cheaper to buy one in Canada. Many dealers in Canada are selling them for more than you would pay online from the states, anyway. Ordering from the states is a crap shoot - you may be charged duty or you may not.

-Macaron Canada- out of Montreal- superior machines but $$$, can also get parts from them- deliver overnight.
- have good customer service and ship using USPS, which is important. UPS and FedEx charge huge brokerage fees. With this company you will only have to pay shipping, then GST and PST to customs, no duty.

x“Where in Toronto can you find CHEAP purse handles but also in a variety of styles, colours, and materials ie. wood, plastic, metal etc.? I have been searching everywhere for this and up and till now I can only find good suppliers online.” – Jill

-You can find amazing purse handles and other fabulous findings at John Bead. To shop there you have to have a business number though, and there is also a minimum purchase amount (about$200). Once you get in there its not hard to spend $200. If you are just looking for yourself and you do not have a business number, you can find handles at the usual fabric stores and craft stores.
-Another really good resource for purse handles are places that specialize in leather. You could try Leather & Sewing Supply Depot at 7 Vanauley Street or Capital Findings at 160 Tycos Drive.
-Cheap wood and bamboo ones at Plaiter Place on Spadina & Baldwin.
-Lewiscraft @ Yonge & Bloor definitely had some opaque coloured plastic ones at 30% two weeks ago.
-Fabricland at Yonge and North York Centre and all their purse handles were at least 40% off. Quite a good selection and some pretty beaded ones. If you're a member, you save 25% every time & sometimes extra during sales.
-Handles can be found at several fashion-oriented suppliers along Queen St. West between Spadina and Augusta Ave. (near Arton Beads, diagonally across from Kentucky Fried Chicken)


Anonymous pixie said...

There is also a new store opening at 703 Queen West called Silver Indie Shop. I stopped by there the other day and spoke to Carlin the owner and she said she will be looking for consigment items; jewelery, accesories and clothing. She is doing a 50/50 split. In case anyone is interested.

8:48 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey! i help run a boutique on Queen St West called Hollywood Hellcats, we accept consignment garments and jewlery, we are geared twords the rock and roll / rockabilly/ punk lifestyle.. we are usually willing to take anything we think we can sell. we are open right now from thursday to sunday (more days in the summer) we are located inside the Black Market Basement Warehouse!

3:00 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the link and the nice comments! Have you seen our new craft blog (

Thanks again!!


2:24 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A while back i managed to find a british labels company who printed me some custom labels for a really low price. If anyone is at all interested it may be worth taking a look at their website.

10:10 a.m.  

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