Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Have you kids ever checked out
Alley Jaunt? It's this super cute community arts event that takes place in August in the north-east alleyway right off Trinity-Bellwoods park. Residents offer up their garages as gallery spaces for a wide range of artsy/craftsy/performanced-based projects. As an extra cute bonus, visitors are given "passports" which they can have stamped when they visit each garage.

I helped a friend out with her Alley Jaunt project a couple of years ago and it was a great time - it was a genuinely successful effort to engage the everyday public (many who would never make their way into a conventional gallery space) in art loving. The event was also a community-building experience as the homeowners and visitors became acquainted with local makers and performers in a non-threatening setting.

Anyhoo, Alley Jaunt has put out a call for submissions, via
Akimbo - a Toronto-based and amazing resource for visual art, visual art, video, new media and film in Canada. See Alley Jaunt's Akimbo listing for the whole deal. Deadline May 1st.


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