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baby girls, moustaches & more courtesy of instant coffee

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La Moustache

Some gems from the latest instant coffee mail out:

23. She Said Boom! Window Space - Heather Saunders
Heather Saunders
It's a Girl!

May 1st-31st, 2007
She Said Boom! Window Space
372 College Street

Caught in a state of flux, abstractions of cocoons are both breaking
free and being further bound by layers of stitching and layers of fabric.
They are made from girls' baby clothes, women's lingerie, and hybrids of
the two, in an attempt to emphasize their shared signifiers, such as colour,
sensual fabrics and floral imagery. The newest additions to the series
incorporate girls' baby clothes that contain text, as an exploration of the
messages of socialization imposed, ironically, on a preliterate group.

Heather Saunders has a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Art History from
Sheridan College and the University of Toronto. At the University of Toronto,
she is completing a Masters in Library and Information Studies and will be
starting a Masters in History of Art this fall. She is a former director of White
Water Gallery (North Bay, Ontario) and the current publisher of FUSE
magazine. (Toronto, Ontario).

For more information, contact:
Tara Bursey
She Said Boom! Window Space

29. Call For Submissions: Moustache Drawings
There's a party on my upper lip and everybody's invited!?

A moustache is facial hair on the upper lip, grown below and/or from
inside the nose. It exists in many shapes, styles and sizes. Fu Manchu,
Handlebar, Walrus, Toothbrush, Pencil; nose neighbor, flavor saver, lip
tickler and, of course, the infamous youth 'stache.

The moustache can be waxed and sculpted, combed and trimmed; it can be
curly, fuzzy, tobacco-stained, long, pointy, suspicious, debonair and
even downright silly.

There are many famous moustaches, like those of Charlie Chaplin, Sgt
Floyd Pepper (of The Electric Mayhem), Salvador Dali, Dick Dastardly, Groucho
Marx, Magnum PI and Frida Kahlo, among others.

What is your opinion of the moustache? Does it turn you on? Does it
scare you? Do you despise it? Do you think it laughable? Have you ever had one? Do want one but can't grow it for the life of you?

1 - 2 DRAWINGS in response to your feelings, ideas, memories,
concerns and general opinions regarding the moustache.

La Moustache will feature the work of Toronto, Montreal and
New York
artsts. Otherwise it's open to anyone who RSVPs by email before
May 30,

La Moustache will be exhibited for two weeks (at the end of August) in
Montreal, followed by dates in Toronto and Brooklyn, NY. (Specific
details about these events to be posted on our website.)

-Size of each work must fit in an envelop that measures 11" x
17" (that's inches).
-Accepted media: ink, graphite, paint, pastel, found materials—whatever
can be applied to PAPER.
-Work must be on PAPER.
-Work must be unframed.
-Work can be origional or reproduction.
-Clearly print your name, contact info (and asking price if for sale) on
the back of your work.
-80% sale goes to artist.
-If you live outside Toronto, Canada, please include a self-addressed
stamped envelop with your submission so we can return it to you.

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Methinks Presents
La Moustache
C/O J. Santos
130 Yarmouth Road
Toronto, ON, M6G 1X2

If you must, contact us to make other submission arrangements.

Toronto artists who want to attend the Montreal and/or Brooklyn
exhibition openings: we'll make that easy by organizing our Roadtrips to coincide
with the events (in both cities). The idea here is to, not only introduce the work but also the creators of the work to each other, in person, and basically to provide opportunies for members all three communities to connect up-close-and-personal-like. Also, we're hoping to provide some trip subsidy for La Moustache artists who want to represent their
work and join our Roadtrip party. And if you want to get in on helpiing to get these events together, that is, if you have specific contacts and/or special interest in connecting to Montreal and NYC, let us know and let's work it.


38. Call for Submissions: Two by Two Art Event
Submission deadline: June 1, 2007


The strength of two is greater than the sum of its separate parts.
The idea of relationship—being a neighbour, learning from and leaning on
each other—is the basis of an organization right here in Toronto. Romero House is a
Toronto community that provides refugees with a friendly and welcoming first
step in their new home, our country. Their web site describes their vision:

"The fundamental practice of Romero House is the community-based
vision of accompaniment - living together as good neighbours. This vision is
inspired by the practice Archbishop Romero introduced in Central America known as
acompanamiento, meaning, 'stand by the people'. Everyone who has moved out
of Romero House has moved into independent housing."

Two by Two is an art exhibition that will run from June 9 – 15 , 2007
at the Toronto Free Gallery that seeks to raise awareness of and support for
refugees living in Toronto. It calls upon local artists to create new work
that speaks to the necessity of human relationship and will include informative talks and film screenings surrounding the issue of refugees in Toronto and around the world. Proceeds from the sale of the artwork help support Romero House.


Two by Two is calling artists from all backgrounds and disciplines to
create a piece involving two separate parts, which together make a whole.
Two by Two asks that artists set their own prices, keeping in mind that this
is a benefit show to raise funds for Romero House. Should the artist wish to
cover the cost of art making, they may request up to half of the proceeds
from the sale.


1. Sign up by e-mailing
2. Create (see description of project above and guidelines below).
3. Send us a photo, JPG or PDF containing your work at We will contact you about how to get it to us
in time for the show.

All artists must sign up to participate. Early signup is encouraged
due to limited gallery space.


1. The dimensions of your piece must be no larger than 2' by 2'.
Sculptural pieces must be no larger than 2' x 2' x 2'.

2. All pieces must be original work.

3. Include Artist information, artist statement and sale price with your

4. All forms of visual expression are welcome.

5. All submissions are due June 1, 2007

6. Have fun!


Two by Two:
Toronto Free Gallery:
Romero House:

April 30, 2007
Do you still have anything you wrote as a kid? A poem? A book report?
A diary?

What's it done for you lately? Sat in a box?

Come read it out loud. In front of people. And hear other people's funny, sad, and/or embarrassing things they wrote as children.
Monday, April 30, 2007. 8:00 PM. Upstairs at The Victory Cafe. 581 Markham.


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