Wednesday, May 09, 2007

craft chat t.o!!!!!


To all Toronto Makers & Craft enthusiasts:

You are invited to CraftChat T.O., an informal gathering of people interested in talking about the state of craft, design and DIY culture in Toronto & beyond. Consider this to be a stitch n bitch of the mind…though feel free to bring stuff to keep your hands busy, of course.

This call to gather was inspired by a recent trip by Becky (
Good Catch Craft Fairs, The Sweetie Pie Press ), Jen (Toronto Craft Alert) & Leah ( Church of Craft, Coldsnap Bindery) to Pittsburgh for Craft Congress 2007, a meeting of crafty minds from North America & Britain (read more about it here). One really interesting thing that came up was how the craft scene/community/culture differs so much from place to place, in terms of people's motivations for participating, how it is perceived by the larger community, and on many other levels. Which begs the question, what's up with craft in T.O.???? What are we doing here, why are we doing it, are we doing it differently than others, could we be doing it better, could we be having more fun, and who is this 'we', anyhow?

Also, we will have materials on hand from the Craft Congress & will be happy to answer any questions about that gathering as well.

If you'd like to participate in CraftChat T.O. (or come hang out & eavesdrop), taking place on Sunday May 27th at 2pm, please RSVP to
torontocraftalert[AT] by May 18th . Once we've got an idea of how many people want to attend, we'll announce the venue.

Looking forward to this,

Becky, Leah & Jen


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