Wednesday, May 23, 2007

art for alpha

ART AUCTION - Alpha Alternative School
Saturday, JUNE 2, 2007
Cameron House, 408 Queen Street West
Viewing 12-1p.m.
Silent Auction 12-3p.m.
Auction 1-3:30p.m.

Marina-Hanacek-Mix Media
Marina Hanacek (Mixed Media)

What do Noel Harding, Eldon Garnett, Barbara Klunder and students of Alpha Alternative School have in common? They use play and creativity to learn and develop, and... they are donating work for an art auctionto raise money to enhance art programs at Alpha.

More and more families are seeking alternatives in schooling for theirchildren. The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is warming up tothe idea as the are opening more alternative schools. Alpha, one of Toronto's oldest alternative schools, has a unique approach to schooling. Not quite a one room schoolhouse, but children from JK through to grade six often learn and play together. Children direct their own learning through projects of their own initiative.

Saturday, June 2nd, Alpha is hosting an Art Auction at the Cameron House. Many Toronto artists have brought their kids to Alpha. Artists and designers donating their work include Eldon Garnett, Barbara Klunder, Noel Harding, Maureen Paxton, Doug Gilchrist, John Leonard, Mike Bayne, Don Cavin, Janine Lindgren, Kingi Carpenter of Peach Berserk, Jamie Bennett, Alex Wittholz, and Julian Finkel of Model Citizen.

Check out our website: to see some ofthe pieces up for auction.

Don't miss this cool opportunity to beautify your space.

Children are welcome.

Methods of payment: Please call
Kingi Carpenter 416-829-8676
Li-Lien Gibbons 416-807-7012


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