Wednesday, January 14, 2009

CALL FOR SUBMISSION: Call to Artists for Expression of Interest (deadline: February 2)

City of Toronto
Call to Artists for Expression of Interest
Permanent Public Art Work - Dufferin Jog Elimination, Railway Underpass


The "Dufferin Jog" refers to the discontinuity and detour of Dufferin Street at Queen Street West created by the construction of a railway underpass on Queen Street in the late 19th century. To improve traffic conditions and public transportation services in this busy and culturally vibrant urban area, a new underpass is now under construction to eliminate the "Dufferin Jog" and reconnect Dufferin Street to Queen Street and the City's arterial road system leading to Exhibition Place, Lakeshore Boulevard, and the Gardiner Expressway.

This major infrastructure project provides an opportunity for the commissioning of a major public art work to be installed in the tunnel created by the underpass. Given the important architectural heritage and unique neighbourhood characteristics of the district, it is envisioned that the winning public art concept will not only help integrate the structure of the underpass within the existing physical environment, but will also reconnect the communities of Parkdale and Queen Street West, two historic neighbourhoods that have a rich and colourful shared history. Through extensive community consultation, it was determined that the interior walls of the tunnel will be the site for a new public artwork.

Toronto Cultural Services is therefore seeking to commission an artwork, or artwork series that will be installed within square recesses on the interior walls of the newly constructed 70 metre long tunnel. These recesses will be prepared with a smooth concrete finish and will be equipped with electrical power outlets. The artwork site is protected from direct exposure to elements and Toronto Cultural Services is interested in considering a wide spectrum of media for this site (including shallow depth 2- or 3-D sculptural elements, photographs, light boxes, etc). The project budget is $228,000.00, which includes all fabrication and installation costs and fees. Construction of the underpass started in December 2008 and is expected to be completed by Spring 2010, after which time the artwork will be installed.

Toronto Cultural Services is inviting local, national, and international Artists or Artist Teams to submit:
* Resume(s)
* 6-8 visuals of recent, relevant work**; and
* Artist's statement outlining interest in the project and experience.

**Please submit digital images on CD listing title, date, materials and dimensions for each work. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for return of submission material, if desired.

Please note: Artists are NOT asked to submit proposals at this stage of the competition.

Submissions must be received by Monday February 2nd, 4pm. Submissions should be sent to:

Public Art Office
Toronto Cultural Services
City Hall, Main Floor, East Tower
100 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

Toronto Cultural Services works with staff across City of Toronto divisions to identify exciting opportunities for commissioning public artworks in the City's parks, streets, and open spaced. For this project, Toronto Cultural Services is working with Transporation Services and Structures and Expressways as well as Planning and Urban Design Services.

This project will be administered by Toronto Cultural Services. The artwork concept will be selected through a two-stage open competition, by an independent Selection Committee convened for this project, which will include practicing arts professionals as well as representatives from the local community.

A short list of 3-5 artists will be paid a fee to develop a project proposal based on a Terms of Reference document provided to the short-listed artists by Toronto Cultural Services. A public open house exhibition of the short-listed designs and final design selection will take place in April 2009.


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