Monday, November 10, 2008

CRAFTIVISM: donate to the Artists Against War fundraiser!

Our own Amy Borkwood is organizing this important fundraiser. Please get in touch with her at the email below to donate!

Artists Against War is looking for artists/craftspeople to donate items for a silent auction/fundraiser to help raise funds for a film festival and conference addressing issues about War, the Economy, and Arts Funding, and the way in which they are inextricably tied. If you can't donate but want to find some great holiday gifts as well as support a crucial organization in your city, find us at Hotshot Gallery (181 Augusta) on November 27th, starting at 7pm.

Artists Against War ( is a not-for-profit, Toronto-based collective of artists who strive towards peace and justice for all. We actively work with the community to put on a yearly film festival and conference, to celebrate the work of those who are actively addressing crucial social justice issues, and develop further dialogue around the anti-war movement. This coming year we hope to continue with our work in presenting these educational and enlightening events.

As always, it's difficult to acquire funding for any art project that is politically rooted. So this year, we are putting on a fundraiser! In order to organize community-driven, political, and art-focused events, we need the support of the community around us. Please donate an art/craft piece for our fundraiser, to help support our organization, or just come out and see what the local art and craft community has to offer.

To donate an item, please contact

Please find out more about our organization at


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