Friday, May 09, 2008

CRAFTY BIZ: Submit your work for profiling by the knack

Here’s a note from blogger and writer Stephanie Dickison, who is eager to cover more indie stuff on her product and service review site the knack:

I try out and then write about new products and services at the knack, where I write about some indie/handmade stuff, but I’d really like to expand this part of my blog, as I get a lot of requests for things like handmade tote bags, purses, pins, etc.

If you have something that you’d like featured, please email me at If I like it, I would then email you and ask you to send something for me to really see what you do – Everything on the knack that I write about is tried and tested by me. That way, the reader gets more than just a press release – they get a real experience with the product. I tell them how it smells, looks and works.

Please note that products cannot be returned.

I’ve featured items like The Candi Factory’s undies, Pleasure Pillows and tons of homemade clothes, greeting cards and purses.

I’d like to find more of you indie crafty folks and your wares so that I can let the world know about them!

Many thanks and warmest wishes,




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