Monday, April 07, 2008


well it has been a busy crafty week. there were a few shows & sales and a supply swap. i managed to lighten my stash a bit and take home a few new project ideas.
the shining sun is inspiring me to go out and sit on my porch with a cup of tea and a portable project. has anyone else managed to work outside yet?

as part of the Toronto Craft Alert's goal to galvanize the city's craft community, we'd like to get a bit of a discussion going. discuss any crafty topic you like... we'll be re-posting this thread every monday morning, so that the discussions can continue in the comments section of this post.


Blogger I Heart That! Dance said...

Whee, Happy Watercooler Day!

No working outside, but then, it's a little hard with a sewing machine :) I suppose I could open a window or something LOL

I love the good weather. I had the WORST commute downtown this morning (Lakeshore totally blocked) but I didn't even care because of the sunshine.

Plus Nic and I had a great work weekend -- embellishment-o-rama and hoodies to sell at our next vendor's table (two weeks! at a dance competition of course :) ).

I have MILs serger until the beginning of May and I sort of want to hug it every time I see it. It just makes everything so NICE! :)

How bout the rest of you? Good weekend? Does someone want to tell me how sales were at the Speakeasy or do we just keep discussing Sexy Dave? :D

11:29 p.m.  
Blogger The_Gnarled_Branch said...

Well I have to admit all this attention is absolutely delightful, but I'd hate to hog the stage.

Here's my take on the Speakeasy Craft Show.

Incredible amount of talent and creativity overall... despite there being alot jewellery,(which is usually the case no matter if its juried or not) I wish I could've had more time to see each vendor--there were some really cool items.
As well some very clever ideas-- table layout, packaging etc...

The crowd were the best in compared to other Speakeasy events I've done... but I've heard the Christmas crowd is the biggest and most eager to buy.

Sales were not too bad for me personally, it was worth the fee and driving down etc...

Combine that with some great networking and chats and giving out cards -- I'd say a 7 out of 10.

The layout of the show sometimes proved awkward--especially if a tiny room was full.

I certainly had my fair share of yuck a mucks while the night wore on... and laughter is always good.

12:51 a.m.  
Blogger not so crafty lady said...

Yay for good weather! I don't usually do crafty stuff outside until it's dry and I can spread a blanket on the grass to sit on but I will be out there soon maybe painting or drawing or stripping...heads out of the gutter please (Dave) I'm talking about old furniture!!! ;)
I'll probably bring my sketch book out with me today when I take my boy to the park. Get some ideas down for who knows what...and I can't wait to get my garden going!!! Happy days!
Oh Speakeasy was fantastic but I think I already had my say on that topic!

11:49 a.m.  
Blogger angelune@TCA said...

hey crafters - i'm thinking of entering a fun crocheted critter in this contest over on softies central.
anyone else interested?

3:47 p.m.  
Blogger I Heart That! Dance said...

Ooh cool contest angel! I'm going to be going nuts getting ready for our next vendor's table, but I'm happy to donate some pink plaid to someone wanting to enter the Pink Plaid category!

It would be the same stuff I used here:

Actual dress clan tartan if anyone is interested in such things besides moi -- Dress Gordon of Abergeldy.

It's a lot more pink than it looks in that picture LOL.

Glad things went well at Speakeasy and that you picked up a few $$$ Dave -- how do you get involved in the events anyway?

8:09 p.m.  
Blogger The_Gnarled_Branch said...

I first became aware of the Speakeasy events when I had googled and searched for Christmas craft shows a few years ago.
The deadline had passed, but I shot over an email just in case I could be added to a 'waiting list'.
The organizer was very friendly and replied rather quickly to my query and mentioned it was full but he would add me to the mailing list for upcoming events.

Sure enough I discovered there were fine art events and illustration events...

I applied for both during the following year and was lucky to get in...

I especially liked the fine art Speakeasy.

Those events were mainly for networking and making 'arty pals'..with the odd sale as a bonus.

Basically it was all from just a simple google search--

7:13 a.m.  

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