Friday, November 09, 2007

FROM THE DESK OF TCA: city of craft volunteers needed!!!

city of craft

Guess what guys??? It’s another post about City of Craft! This will stop soon, promise (Dec. 1st, to be exact).

Anyhoo, this time around we are putting out an official call for volunteers. This event has gotten quite a bit too big for a handful of us to handle on our own, so we really need your help. None of the positions are too tough*, and some are quite fun, like helping to make decorations prior to the event & overseeing the workshop space. Plus, to boot, you’ll get to meet a ton of awesome crafty folk.

Here are the shifts we need people for (feel free to sign up for more than one):

8am-12pm (this is pretty vital re: set up, so if you are a morning person, please do volunteer for this guy)




6-9/10ish pm (this one is also vital re: teardown. You will probably get free beer if you sign up for this one, or at minimum lots of love from us City of Craft organizers).

We will have a decorating ho-down on Thursday November 22nd in the evening, so let us know if you interested in joining the decorations crew.

Please get in touch us at and indicate your desired shift.

*If you want to do something mildly strenuous at a hideous time, Sara the Production Manager will be at the venue at around 6am to hang lights and set up the technical side of the event. If you think sleeping is for jerks, are interested in technical hoo ha or would love to help out a tired and weeping Production Manager at 6am on a Saturday, hurrah! You’re the best! Let us know.


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