Tuesday, November 13, 2007

CRAFTY BIZ: Studio: The Production House

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CREATIVE STUDIO SPACE FOR LEASE - Creative Studio Space up to 10 year leases, from 400sq ft to 6,800 ***$1.00 per square foot gross (all inclusive)***

Described as "wild" and "anarchic" by artist Andy Fabo. This exciting new art building pre-launch in New Toronto (S. Etobicoke), The Production House, is receiving a great deal off industry buzz and support. Recently used for "The Art Affair" This space was kick off with an art show that swaps the cool reserve of the downtown gallery scene for the raw improvisational synergy that can only happen when 23 visual artists are brought together with a variety of musicians and crafts people and are challenged to turn 11,000 square feet of industrial space into an art experience. If you missed this spectacular collaboration, don't miss the chance to secure truly creative space without the fear of condo/loft conversion.

The need for vibrant but affordable space in which art happens in Toronto is clear. The production House is just that. It feature 45,000 square feet of space and up to 21 feet ceilings plus a massive rooftop. Create and display your work with no distraction yet access the downtown core in minutes by car or by T.T.C.

Say goodbye to expensive cubicles, art organizations that stifle creativity and the creative process. Say hello to a new chapter in the illustrious history of art making in Toronto.
The Production House welcomes you to be an integral part of this historical landmark.
Call Brian at 416-840-0884 ext 250


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen this same release many times and there is no address listed. Where is this place? (Yes, I know, "New Toronto"... but addresses are more helpful.

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