Monday, December 03, 2007

CRAFT SHOW: Punchclock Collective Showcase

invitation from Punchclock Collective:
bear witness to a rare showcase of the bold passions that propel the Punchclock collective. Punchclock is a transdiciplinary, democratic organization of cultural workers, political activists and trades people operating out of two hives functioning as collective metal and screenprinting studios.

Punchclock's mandates are economic sustainability and artistic direct action.
Punchclock produces aesthetically defiant graphic design, video, poster, sculpture, performance, installation, textile and street art. Punchclock's efforts challenge conventional, isolating and competitive models of professional art careers. Punchclock exists not for wealthy collectors or insular art patrons, but as an essential element to a healthy and dynamic community.

Begun in 2003 by activists Shannon Muegge and Stefan Pilipa, the
abundance of talent that currently inflames the colllective consists of the
following individuals:
  • Rocky Dobey - Metal worker, artist, street installation legend.
  • Simone Schmidt - activist, artist, musician (100 dollars, LSdoubleDcup)
  • Jesjit Gill - print artist
  • Michael Comeau - artist, musician (LSdoubleDcup)
  • Will Munro - artist, DJ, promoter, restauranteur
  • Christopher Cook - carpenter, musician (LSdoubleDcup)
  • Fancy Gordon Zero - carpenter, artist
  • Kids on TV - multimedia collective, dancefloor destroyers.
A sudden and serious diagnosis has spurred a detoxifying process that requires your support. Help Punchclock maintain physical integrity so it may continue to ignite the soul of our community.

With the help of friends at BlocksBLocksBlocks records and Keep Six
gallery, Punchclock presents two evening of exceptional cultural significance.

An exhibit of art and design and performances by...

Dec. 6th

  • dj. Guvnor General (warm, soulfull sellections from Caribean and beyond)
  • the Youngest (sweet solo sounds)
  • Castlemusic (captivating with voice and guitar)
  • 100 dollars (catalyst country, songs about something)
  • Final Fantasy (ethereal one man symphony)

friday Dec. 7th

  • dj.Will Munro (punk, electro dance enabling)
  • LSdoubleDcup (psychadooolic day of pentacost)
  • the Blankett (reimagined past to build future)
  • Kids on TV (queer dancefloor detonators)

sliding scale cover charge of $5 - $10.
Keep Six gallery 938 Bathurst st (block and a half north of Bloor)

Thursday Dec. 6th
viewing 6pm music 9:30pm
Friday Dec. 7th viewing 12pm music 9:30pm



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