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wow... what a week! the One of a Kind was great and City of Craft was an amazing success!the water cooler

as part of the Toronto Craft Alert's goal to galvanize the city's craft community, we'd like to get a bit of a discussion going. discuss any crafty topic you like... we'll be re-posting this thread every monday morning, so that the discussions can continue in the comments section of this post.


Anonymous angelune said...

Nuit Blanche was so much fun! I wanted to take part in the pompom exchange, but the knit cafe was so busy and packed all night that I didn't make it in. I really loved Beth Morton's piece - the building covered in pink fabric, part of the femmebomb series. Did anyone make it to the swap at the textile museum? I wanted to go... but there were so many things to see and do, I didn't get to do half of what was on my list for Nuit Blanche.
In other crafty news, I just got a new table for cutting fabric. It is supposed to be a kitchen counter (sans cabinets) from Ikea, so it should be at the right height for working while standing. Now... if only I can get the courage to put the thing together. Ikea instructions always mystifies me.

9:53 a.m.  
Blogger susanroweharrison said...

wow! what a great idea to buy a cutting table from ikea...i was looking at some super deluxe tables from Haka and they are very expensive!

did not get to see very much as i had an installation at xpace for wall + paper so i am still recovering from the week! what a fantastic evening! i don't remember that it was so alive last year...

good luck putting together your table--it can be so frustrating! but exciting when it is all together and ready to use...

2:31 p.m.  
Anonymous angelune said...

susan, i went to xpace and loved the theme, which installation was yours?
i put the table together last night with help from my friends, and it went pretty smoothly. it's an Udden counter-top, i saw it used as an industrial-looking desk in a mag and thought it would be perfect for cutting fabric, and it's only $129! this weekend i will test it out.

10:05 a.m.  
Blogger susanroweharrison said...

hi angelune. thanks for the tip on the table. let us know how it works!

I did the vinyl pieces in the front--one on a yellow wall and the other on the Xpace windows. I really liked the show too! I thought Matthew was able to bring together a group of really different artists--it was hard installing all night though...

10:12 p.m.  
Anonymous Johanna said...

I finished making my daughter's cowgirl Halloween costume!!

2:51 p.m.  
Blogger knitty34 said...

I went to the nanopod ring workshop that had been posted about earlier in the month - what an awesome class! If it comes up again you guys have to take it. Took about 2 hours and I have a great silver ring out of it. Totally worth the $40.


9:20 a.m.  
Blogger Lisa PN said...

Hey there lovely ladies of TCA!

And so...i went to the antique market and spent a lovely amount of time browsing around and found a few owls and then scored a box of postage stamps from around the world. I came home and was tickled to used them in some of my collage...soooo fun!

And still working on two scarves...hmm

this week is the creativ fest, it's a bit old lady, but i enjoy going to seek out some surprises...Last year i got some great glue pens..for gluing little bits o stuff and then found the world of needlefelting which has been sooo much fun in my puppet work! whooo hoo!

And on friday, we carved pumpkins for our weekly creativity group which was tonnes of fun..i will be posting those photos soon! once i find my camera! i can't believe it's misplaced again...argh..anyhow happy crafting ladies!

11:49 a.m.  
Blogger angelune@TCA said...

susan - i double-checked your art at xpace and i loved it! how did you cut the vinyl so perfectly?
check out the scavenger post today, there is one of the ikea udden tables for sale, and an even cheaper industrial sewing/cutting table.

12:42 p.m.  
Blogger angelune@TCA said...

i don't know if i should give away this secret resource... but i just ordered a bunch of fabric from NYC - purl soho
the prices are really good and with the exchange, even better! there are even some amy butler fabrics that are sold out here that are still available at purl (for only 9.60/yard!). i love supporting local stores, but i couldn't resist the deals!

10:53 a.m.  
Blogger City of Craft said...

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2:28 p.m.  
Blogger toronto craft alert said...

i have a commission, which is pretty exciting, to make a banner for a friend's craft booth. i figured that instead of sitting hunched on the floor cutting stuff by my lonesome i would go over to the workroom to hang out & take advantage of the proper cutting table & fancy iron karyn has there. it was awesome! felt like a much better way to do things...

2:32 p.m.  
Blogger Lisa PN said...

On friday together with joel from banjo puppets and a few other friends we made a Day of the Dead Diorama which was great fun. I went to the evil Ikea and bought lots of boxes and then we worked on my studio the whole weekend long, putting up 8 long feet shelves and getting all the stuff that was in cardboard boxes on the floor, out on to the shelves. More photos to come on my blog!

I must go and check out the workroom, it sounds like lots of fun!

Angelune, i don't think i should check out that website or i might spend wayyyy too much money, but it does sound great!

11:10 p.m.  
Blogger sweetie pie press said...

a) regarding angelune's post: it would seem that many canadians are taking advantage of the new exchange rates. this has caused a huge backlog at canada post. this is only vaguely craft-related, but if you are ordering supplies from the states (or if you have a crafty business that ships to the states) this is looking to be a sluggish holiday season. i'm already cringing.

b) jen is making me a banner! i have to say, it has been a while since i did a swap and i'm having a good time working on my end of the bargain (a new button set on commission). i've found this sort of fun project has fallen by the wayside since i started my own crafty business. and i really miss the joy of making things for fun (and/or for friends). i'm now trying to figure out how i can craft for a living and for leisure without feeling burnt out. they may just have to be different types of projects. i think i am going to pick up my crochet hooks, too, over the fall to make some dumb hats again.

11:55 p.m.  
Blogger angelune@TCA said...

holy craft - what a week! i was repping the TCA at city of craft and met lots of awesome people. i also made it to the OOAK a couple of times (and spent more than i should have!) this week is starting to feel a bit more like crunch time - i gotta make make make for the holidays!

10:29 a.m.  
Blogger sweetie pie press said...

my biggest regret of the week: not making it to one of a kind.

i feel like a failure.

oh right, but city of craft was awesome!

11:54 a.m.  
Blogger happyduck1979 said...

I wish I could have gone to city of craft. I hate the fact that everything cool is always on Saturdays. I am an Orthodox Jew as well as being an artist and it means I can almost never participate in the vast majority of shows or get togethers. Any chance of ever doing anything on a Sunday?

1:44 p.m.  
Blogger Lisa PN said...

Yes, City of Craft was splendiferous!

Happy Duck, a bunch of the upcoming shows, ie Sassy Craft Show, Artisans Gift Fair are also on Sundays. Perhaps you can come out to one of those events?

4:49 p.m.  
Anonymous Kate J-Painted Tree Designs said...

Sassy Little Craft Show is coming up this weekend at the Victory Cafe and it will be happening on both Saturday (dec 8 from 7pm to 12:30)and SUNDAY (noon-5pm) you could check that out on Sunday. I'm going to be there selling my cards!

4:53 p.m.  
Blogger sweetie pie press said...

hey happy duck,

city of craft went until 8:00pm which must have been hours after sundown.

i think during the holidays, a lot of shows go late, even on saturdays.

the speakeasy show at the gladstone is also happening this thursday from 8:00pm - midnight.

5:25 p.m.  

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